24V battery for folding type e-bike batteries li-ion battery pack
24V 8.8Ah e-bike battery pack
18650 li-ion battery
battery can be customized

Nominal capacity: 8.8Ah

Nominal voltage: 36V
Charing current: 2A
Size: 420*85*39mm
Cycle life: 500 times @ 80% DOD

Battery can be customized to be 24V max. 12Ah  36V max. 7Ah  48V max. 7Ah

Battery Model 24V 8.8Ah e-bike battery
Nominal Capacity (Ah) 8.8Ah
Nominal Voltage (V) 24V
Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V) 17.5V
Charge Cutoff Voltage (V) 29.4V
Instantaneous Maximum Discharge Current (A) 50±10A
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A) 10A
Maximum Continuous Charge Current (A) 2A
Charge Mode CC/CV
Standard Charge Current (A) 4A
Charge Time under Standard Charge Current 4~5 Hours
Charge Temperature Range -20-60℃



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